All Pleasant Valley Vineyards vintages are named after the grandchildren, grandnieces, and grandnephews in the family. 

Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noirs are exclusively produced from  Estate and Lester Family Vineyards grapes.  We produce eight unique and  different Pinot Noirs.   Delicious with rack of lamb, veal, turkey, pork  and seafood dishes.


Pleasant Valley Estate Vineyards produces a  golden crop of Chardonnay full of rich flavors of pippin and gala apples with a lemon meringue finish.  Great with chicken, seafood, pork and Asian cuisine


A huge crowd pleaser for every type of plate. Full berry flavors with a delicious white pepper finish. Great with any red meat affairs.

Petite Syrah

Our Petite Syrah is not so petite, it is packed  a ton of fruit flavors with a great peppery finish. A perfect wine to compliment your summertime BBQ. It is sure to send smiles around your table. Wow what an experience!


Possibly the best medium bodied red wine available. Smooth, rich and delicious. Our Merlot grapes are grown in the exclusive Rock Pile Appellation at a 1900 foot elevation on the  Sonoma Coast. Absolutely great with any meal occasion.


Looking for the perfect wine to compliment BBQ, ribs, grilled steaks or Mexican dishes. You just found it! Absolutely a gem  of a Zinfandel.  Grapes grown in the Dry Creek Valley in Litton Springs area of the Northern California

Cabernet Sauvignon

Perfect for all of your ultimate grand  beef steak recipes  The perfect paring with filet, sirloin, rib-eye, or porterhouse steak dishes. Also great with 
Pan-Roasted Veal Chops. This wine is produced from beautiful full body bodied grapes grown on the Eastern slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains.


OK, they’re not just one vintage but three years blended together to produce a Burgundian style red table wine. 80% Pinot Noir clones with a splash of chardonnay. Truly an everyday favorite.